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Welcome to, the future home of your local online marketplace.

You’ve asked for something MORE than a directory that only lists business names and links, and we’ve heard you.

What will this look like you ask?

Vendor holding product

In a Nutshell, think "Local Amazon" but all the vendors are local, the money stays in the community, and it goes back into helping the people we love.

  • A place where you can easily search for and find specific items from your local vendors, and have one convenient checkout process.
  • A place where your love of buying local doesn’t have to clash with your hectic schedule, it’s all online 24/7!
  • A place where you can discover fantastic new vendors and products right where you live.
  • A place where all vendors and stores can list their products for you to browse without spending a fortune in money and time.

And do you know what's better?

We plan to take it further.

It will be a Win-Win-Win situation for everyone (consumer, vendor, AND community) because myLocalism will donate a portion of profits each year back to grassroots community groups tackling basic human needs like food, shelter, and mental health.